About Us

Mr. Glenn Cole is the Founder and President of Solar Armor, LLC. After having skin cancer and Photofacial laser treatments on his face and neck, Mr. Cole quickly realized he would need special protection from the sun if he wanted to continue playing golf and and other outdoor activities. Mr. Cole soon discovered that the style and design of the sun protective products currently sold in the marketplace today left a lot to be desired. So, like many inventors, Mr. Cole began making products for his own personal use and thus Solar Armor, LLC was born.

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Mr. RomainLy is the Vice President and Partner at Solar Armor LLC. Prior to joining Solar Armor, Mr. Ly worked for his father' small agribusiness located in southern France. Mr. Ly realized the importance of sun and UV protection after suffering from heat exhaustion while training and working with employees during the summer. Since this incident, Mr. Ly's interest in safety and sun protection led him to join Solar Armor LLC.

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For information about our other products, please contact: info@solararmourinc.com

Our goal is simple; Provide cutting edge, high performance, sun protective products without sacrificing style and desgin in the process. Give our products a try today, you won't be disappointed and your skin will thank you.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make the finest, most innovative UV protective clothing products for the sports & outdoors, construction safety, and medical clothing industries. Additionally, we will strive to raise public awareness to the dangerous effects of exposure to the sun and support efforts to fight skin cancer worldwide.

Vision Statement

To be the global leader in the UV protective clothing industry.


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Designers and Manufacturers of the Finest UV protective clothing in the world.