What is The Neck Vizor?

Simply put, The Neck Vizor is a fully functional headband joined with a protective neck drape that covers both the neck and ears. The unique cinch cord holds it firmly in place in high winds. The Neck Vizor is constructed out of a sheer, light weight, 4-way stretch fabric, and has a UPF 50+ RATING. In addition to sun protection, the fabric also has a MOISTURE WICKING component that pulls sweat away from the skin.

The Neck Vizor Beats The Competition!Superior Design Makes a BIG Difference!

The Neck Vizor is the ONLY patent pending device that provides full neck and ear protection combined with a fully functional HEADBAND. The headband absorbs sweat and oils in addition to keeping hair of the eyes. The Neck Vizor is also the only product on the market with a CINCH CORD that keeps the neck drape snuggly secure around the neck and ears during high winds, keeping out dust, dirt and debris. In addition to these great features, The Neck Vizor fits perfectly under any hat, helmet are cap!

High Performance HeadwareProtection For ANY Job Under the Sun! Perfect For Any Outdoor Sport!

The Neck Vizor is perfect for today’s multi-sport athlete. The moisture wicking headband pulls heat, sweat and oils away from the skin while letting cool air in. The Neck Vizor is made from the same cutting edge fabric used in all of the latest sportswear worn by professional athletes. The Neck Vizor comfortably fits underneath any hat, helmet or cap.

Great For Hunting, Fishing, Hiking & Climbing Too!

Great for Spectators Too!Enhance Your Game Day Experience

Many outdoor sporting events require spectators to suffer under the hot sun for hours. The Neck Vizor is perfect for these events. The Neck Vizor makes any fan’s experience more enjoyable. The Neck Vizor comfortably fits underneath any hat, helmet or cap.

FACT: 1 in 5 people are diagnosed with skin cancer

The Neck Vizor is the perfect safety appliance for those who are fair skinned, had a cosmetic procedure or just sensitive to sunlight. The Neck Vizor provides maximum sun protection for the neck and ears while keeping you cool and comfortable all day.

Play It Safe With The Neck Vizor CrossFit

Because of The Neck Vizor's unique design and moisture wicking fabric, it’s by far your best option to help prevent heat exhaustion in extreme heat conditions. When soaked in water, The Neck Vizor stays wet for hours providing even a deeper, all day, cooling effect! The Neck Vizor will help keep you feeling fresh and less fatigued at the end of a long, hot day.

The Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion Are:

  • Extreme weakness or fatigue
  • Dizziness, confusion
  • Nausea
  • Clammy moist skin
  • Pale or flushed complexion
  • Slightly elevated body temperature


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